Welcome to the art500 international art dealers website.

This site aims to show the best in Art, Film & Design. Please take the time to have a good look around the site, it was built with you; the art lover in mind. Our main aim is to bring you upscale contemporary art of investment nature by the worlds leading artists. 

We closed our main st gallery to move our business into the 21st century. This has been an excellent move, we have been able to promote art 24hrs a day to a worldwide audience. Buyers have embraced the site and our online sales have been good (we have sold paintings online for as high as $17,000!). 


         Our Current Promotion Shows the life and work of artist & film-maker  Russell Freeman

LATEST>>> View our stockroom for Australia's most sought after artists. 

We predominately buy, sell & promote artwork on the secondary market. Stocking anything from pre 1900 antique oil paintings right up to contemporary upscale art. We cover all mediums including paintings, sculpture, design & film.

Always buying high demand artworks such as Robert Dickerson, Russell Freeman, Pro Hart, Del Kathryn-Barton, David Bromley, John Olsen and many more....

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