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Artists Statement

"Even from quite early on in my life I have always been searching, looking at things in a different way. I feel if you don't search you only see what is presented to you and the gap between superficial and meaning widens. Artistically I believe I am fortunate to be living in this time with so much great art, periods, designs and artists having gone before me. It gives me the privilege to study the work. It sounds obvious but the later you are born the more has gone before you and the more you can learn from the past. Understanding these concepts has helped my artistic endeavours, especially my paintings".

The Transitional Series

The main body of my work focuses on change, I call this "The Transitional Series". I have dedicated the last 7 years to the project with hundreds of paintings, sculptures, photography and short films. In conjuction with this long term project I have written a thesis on what I call "Natural Correction" (a new theory on the balance of nature). I work in all media but I do favour painting. In my paintings I show very thickly painted impressionistic works reminiscent of times gone by to futuristic contemporary works  The contemporary part of the work is done in an almost futuristic style that in my opinion shows the feeling in today's world. In the subject matter I choose, I always try to show people, portraits and figurative to translate the personal relationship between people and the future. The body language and the expressions are in most cases emotionally charged to reflect the individual's battle with the ever-changing world. It is my intention that the observer finds my work aesthetically pleasing and then on a deeper more searching level finds that each work has its own inherent underlying story that the viewer interacts with and using their own perceptions understands the piece.


Russell Freeman was born Manchester UK in 1969. In 1995 he made Australia his home. He currently works from his studio in Country South Australia. Freeman is a full time professional artist.

1990-94 Salford Art School, UK
2006 Hahndorf Academy (etchings) SA

Recent Exhibitions

2008 "Fluid Encounters" Artstyle Galleries Adelaide, Australia
2007 Adelaide Festival Theatre SA
2006 The Royal Society of Art SA
2005 The Investment Art Gallery of Australia SA


The Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, SA
Edmund Capon, NSW
David Dridan, Arist/Gallery Owner SA
Matt Byrne, SA Art critic


"The South Australian Story" 1856-2006 As told by todays artist's Page 10, colour photo & text. ISBN 0-646-46104-4

"The Australian Art Sales Digest 2007" Page 152, (auction records text only). ISBN 1-876079-21-5

"Contemporary Art in Australia" : Including Colour Plates by Russell Freeman ISBN: 9780975683545

Recent Auction Prices

Don't Make Me the Target of All Your Love $4,880 acrylic on canvas signed R Freeman lower left 91 x 122cm, Est: $5,000-6,000 Bonhams Adelaide Fine Art Auction /06/2008, Lot No. 189

Lips $10,200 Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, signed R. Freeman lower right, 61 x 76 cm, Est: $2,000-4,000 Lawson~Menzies Sydney 6/12/2007, Lot No. 346

Boxing Boys $5,909 Oil on canvas, signed R. Freeman lower left, 70 x 50 cm, Est: $2,000-2,500 Bonhams & Bruce, ex Bruce's Adelaide 26/06/2006, Lot No. 120

The Knock-Out 2004 $5,760 Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, label attached verso printed with artist's name, date and title, 50 x 70 cm, Est: $1,000-2,000 Deutscher~Menzies Sydney 15/03/2006, Lot No. 306

Sensations 2006 $2,160 Oil on canvas, signed, dated and inscribed on stretcher verso: 12/12/06/ 'Sensations' Painting No.5/ R. Freeman, 51 x 76 cm, Est: $2,000-3,000 Deutscher~Menzies Sydney 13/03/2007, Lot No. 133

Portrait of Becky 2004 $1,920 Oil on canvas, signed, dated and inscribed on stretcher verso: Portrait Of Becky/ 6/3/04/ R. Freeman, 69.5 x 50 cm, Est: $2,000-3,000 Deutscher~Menzies Melbourne 13/09/2006, Lot No. 178

Thoroughbreds $340 Etching, signed R. Freeman and marked A/P in pencil to base, 16 x 16 cm, Est: $100-200 Bonhams & Bruce, ex Bruce's Adelaide 26/06/2006, Lot No. 73


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